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Health Record Application

Entirely web-based, affordable and easy to use. There's no contract, no set-up fees.
All you need to do is taking care of your patients

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Patient Record

Building notes and managing patient records is easy with Health Record Application. You can easily access patient profile with medication, allergy and problem lists.

Patient Scheduling

Enabling quick access to patient records for more coordinated, efficient care

Document Management

Keep your documents online and access them easily from web and smart phones .

Digitized Health Information Web-based Architecture

You don't need to install or maintain any software, system is entirely web-based and hosted by Health Record App

Patient Timeline

Patient Scheduler

Improved Workflow Efficient & Simplified

Efficient and simplified user interface improves the way you manage patient records, create patient notes and schedule appointments

Document Management Archive Effectively

Note-taking and adding external documents maximize the accuracy of patient records, and can ultimately be the key to improving patient care.

Document Management